Welcome to Heartspring Coaching!

Welcome to Heartspring Coaching!

Welcome to Heartspring Coaching!Welcome to Heartspring Coaching!Welcome to Heartspring Coaching!

Pre-marriage coaching testimonial

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is a marriage assessment with a coach-approach debrief to bring insight and clarity to soon-to-be or seasoned married couples.  It covers family of origin, personality styles, independence levels, sex, money and spriritual life and so much more.  It is a comprehensive tool and I am so thrilled to use it to help couples understand both themselves and their partner better to allow for improved communication, empathy and awareness of potential hot topics. 

Marriage coaching



There is a 31% decrease in the likelihood of divorce with couples that receive pre-marital coaching.  This is a custom coaching program in 3-5 sessions that is catered exactly to your unique situation.  Special circumstances like second marriages and blended families are addressed. It is a great way to discover  new things about each other. 

This coaching package makes a great wedding gift and tells the couple you are interested in helping them have the best married life possible. After all, you don't know what you don't know-this tool covers and equips you for nearly everything you will encounter in those early years of marriage.

Marriage tune-up


Coaching sessions begin with an assessment to help seasoned married couples discover their gaps.  Issues such as money, discipline, children, extended family and communication are addressed.  In an atmosphere of mutual respect, couples learn a new game plan to take their marriage to the next level.  Couples re-learn how to resolve conflict and communicate in a new way that works best for them. The focus is in a forward direction-toward new dreams and new goals. Taking this step with your partner, just might be the greatest gift you give each other.

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A bit about my own marriage...Chris and I have been married for nearly 31 years.  It hasn't always been easy.  That first year was rough! My communication style of intense, blunt and sharp did not gel well with my husband's calm, cool demeanor. We learned so much about giving, compromise, sacrifice and love.  We have weathered moves, military deployments, loss, financial upsets and empty-nester transitions. We have such a beautiful relationship now  and want that for all our couples. Your marriage needs your investment of time and care.  

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